Lalalalalala~ WHOOPS AW CRAP I’M AT UNI.

Looking after a horse plus full-time uni plus being a club exec is both amazing and kinda balls. I have less and less time for sleep but realistically this will probably be the only phase of my life where I can find the energy at all. SMACK is doing great, Danny is being an annoying pain in my butt (jks, jks, he’s literally the best horse there will ever be, even if he likes to think we’re playing tag when I need to catch him for the farrier – doesn’t do it to anyone else), I had a series of amazing birthday celebrations and I’m actually making it to my really interesting classes. My meds are working pretty well, though I might slightly increase the Lexapro to balance additional uni stress.

Last Sunday Wasabi and SMACK teamed up to go Ice Skating and ended up with about 75 people rocking up, all of whom got along and had a great time. As far as I’m concerned that’s an amazing achievement, every bit as cool as my not falling over once.  I’m always pretty wobbly for the first 20min or so but I’m finally starting to get my balance; not good at fast or stopping but stable and good at turns. Woo! I think the temperature hit something like 33C too so ice-rink-level aircon was definitely a good call.

Danny has had his first Hendra virus shot which are grossly expensive but worth it; I really think the council would have spent its money better on vaccine subsidies rather that trying to move the bats on. Stressed bats = sick bats, sick bats + heat wave = dead bats falling into the creek. Not pleasant. Just saw the news today that we’ve had the first case of the year in Bundaberg, the horse had to be put down, the property is under quarantine for a month and the second horse on the property is being closely monitored. Really really sad stuff. On the happier side of things, Danny’s winter coat is starting to come in so he’s all dark and going from sleek to soft and great to hug. His work is coming along nicely too, and he loves jumping. Flatwork is like pony pilates or yoga, while jumping – especially cross country fences which are solid and often involve banks and hills – adds in cardio and weight training. It also gives him something to focus on aside from worrying about the ouchies.

I’m really glad I finally organised a party at dad’s place, it’s a great space and true to form dad kinda ran with the idea. Steak just seems to taste better when you’ve seen it carved right off the larger log of meat: Go Go butcher powers. The extended family did their thing, mum and dad played civil, my friends laughed a heap and I got stuck in a tree. Good times. Later Ebe, Jack, Patrick, Peach and I went to Music City for karaoke and a bottle of bourbon and ended up having one of those nights where you’re genuinely sad the place is closing three hours later. I’d love to say we’ll do it again soon but nights like that need some sort of spontaneous witchcraft to come together – I’m sure you know what I mean, whoever is reading this.

I would write about uni now but it’s getting pretty late and I have to study more.

Signing off,

Queen Shannypants