Well, I’m a derp. Derpderpderp.

Note to self, keep up with stuff once you start. Speaking of, I’m almost finished with this round of Super MOOC, which is all about studying gender using comic books as texts. It’s pretty cool stuff and it’s got me reading a bunch of new comics, something I’ve been doing more and more of since getting into Teen Titans and Young Justice (though I’ve yet to forgive them for the events of season two. Not cool, guys!). I’m not gonna lie, super-powered teenagers/young adults stuck living in close quarters sets my fangirl gland right off – Avatar: TLA and LoK, New Mutants, stuff like that.

In other news, SMACK at UQ is doing great; a week and a half ago we held a takoyaki stall for the union’s Cultural Fiesta and aside from having heaps of fun with no drama, we made about $600 in four hours. Absolutely nuts. It’s a great community and I’m getting more and more comfortable with being in charge, even if the group can have some of the traits of a hyperactive hydra. It’s getting to be more fun than scary trying to steer.

Anyways, I need to run if I’m going to get cupcakes baked for a CAH game tonight, so *hopefully* I’ll be back within a week, with tales of attempting to make bento lunches. Later!


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